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06 Nov

Mud Fever & Rain scald

Rain Scald & Mud Fever As we get deeper into autumn, the ever-present threat of rain scald and mud fever becomes a reality for many. Mud fever tends to flare up when the weather is at its worst, to add to the work load that shorter days and wintry weather brings to horse owners…

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01 Nov

Dogs & Fireworks

Bonfire night – a wondrous night full of oohs and arghs as the never-ending display of lights and bangs whizzes off into the night, mixed with the simple pleasures of hot dogs and toffee apples – or a nightmare evening spent with the TV turned up loud, trying to shield your dogs from the…

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01 Oct

Nice Feedback from Caira for Dog Shampoo

'My boy has itchy skin & the shampoo the vets gave him made him worse!! Aquoes cleans him up brilliantly & relieves his itch!! I recommend this to loads of people!! Great stuff 'We use the wipes in-between baths to keep his face clean as he likes to get filthy'

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14 Sep

Take Care with Autumn Flush

Autumn Flush – Taking Care with LaminitisEveryone associates the arrival of spring with the curse of laminitis, but did you know autumn is another time of year you need to be careful and monitor your horse carefully for laminitis?During September, your grazing has a final attempt to enrich itself before winter sets in…

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03 Sep

Great Review on Aqueos First Aid Products

Customer Review for First Aid Products'I have been struggling with pattern dermatitis for months. Red, swollen white legs, with small patches of crusting hair follicles. Just about keeping it at bay, and making little real progress. However, after one wash with the aqueous shampoo, intense redness changed to dull red and after one week…

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31 Jul

The Risks of Temporary Stables

The perils of temporary show stables Competing with your horse is one of life’s pleasures. If you compete locally, you can usually get to your chosen show and back again in a day; but for those competitions further away, or if you are competing at the same venue for more than one day, staying…

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04 Jul

The One-Stop First Aid Solution for Horses and Dogs

The One-Stop First Aid Solution for Horses and DogYour horses and dogs may be your treasured companions, but when things go wrong, and accidents happen, it’s not only a traumatic time but can also be expensive. Your vet of course is worth their weight in gold when it comes to the health and well-being of…

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01 Jun

Uses for Dog Wipes

Dog Wipes from Aqueos Aqueos manufactures a range of alcohol and bleach free disinfectant products. The solution used kills bacteria, fungi and viruses quickly and carries on working after application. The mixing technology allows the active ingredient to be used in extremely low concentrations. Aqueos Disinfectant is tested to EN1276 Bacterial EN1650 Fungicidal EN14476 Virucidal and…

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15 May

​Cleaning tack – love it or hate it!

Some people love to do it; to others it's a task to put off to a rainy day. Whatever your viewpoint, there’s no denying that tack cleaning is an essential part of horse care. That is, of course, if you want to keep your tack in excellent condition, preserve its life and prevent…

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06 May

Sweet Itch - The Full Story

If you have a horse with sweet itch you have our sympathy. However, it would also be a shame to miss out on a great horse, just because he has sweet itch. Learning to manage it can give much respite and allow you and your horse to enjoy many years together.

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